IT Considerations While Choosing Office Space

  • By Admin
  • 29 May 2017

The search for a new office space requires a lot of brain storming and is often the most stressful time for a medium/ small business. It usually involves tons of analysis, comparing various options in terms of spatial features, facilities, benefits, opportunities of moving in to a new office space etc. While business owners usually pay a lot attention to all these things, they must make sure that they are doing their due diligence towards the IT consideration while choosing an office space.

The business owners must make sure that the new office space is configured to support their existing IT needs and future goals. They should also make sure that their IT functions are operating flawlessly in the new environment so that they do not face unwanted downtime. Let us have a look at few points that must be in your IT checklist while choosing a new office space

Telecommunications: After furniture, setting-up telecommunications requires the longest lead times in a move. It should be noted that, while relocating the telecommunications partner should be consulted in order to seek assistance for the relocation.

Enabling Employees: IT acts as an enabler for the employees of an organization to perform their day to day operations. While looking out for an office space, business owners should pay attentions towards these enabling technologies. They should make sure that the new office spaces facilitates telephone lines, space for printers, a UPS room, emergency power backup, HVAC requirements, cabling for data and voice transmission.

Wireless Needs: A change in location means a change in office configuration which translates to a change in wireless access point set-up. The IT Department should review the number and placement for wireless access points in the new space.  Since most companies prefer to keep their wireless traffic off their corporate LAN/WAN, availability of separate telecommunications connections to support wireless traffic should be included in your evaluation.

Cellular services: Once you have finalised moving into an office space, make sure to check for cellular reception throughout the floor. If you have company-managed devices, they usually are typically under a single carrier (CUG Plans) and you can get a clear picture how your mobile phones are going to work in your new office space. A smart move would be to ask your employees to poll upfront to determine which carriers are being used to make sure no one is left in a cellular desert.  Cellular reception doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker as there are technologies to boost carrier capabilities inside space but it is better to know upfront what you will need to do to ensure adequate connectivity.

Data Centre: Smartly evaluate data centre requirements while looking for a new office space. This evaluation will help you to decide whether or not your new office space will be able to handle your servers and network devices efficiently and securely.

Employee Satisfaction: If the space you are renting/ buying is brand new, there is very good chance that prior tenants might have left behind cabling infrastructure, power and phone jacks.  The IT Department should carefully assess the effort for moving, replacing and adding extra cabling and power capabilities in the new office space.

It should also be considered that how the IT infrastructure will align with your plans for furniture placement as well as locations for printers, copiers, conference rooms and kitchen space.

Considering technology needs while looking out for new office space is an important part of ensuring company productivity and employee satisfaction in your new space.

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