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7 Ways to Rent a Coworking Office Space in India

7 Ways to Rent a Coworking Office Space in India

Leasing your own office is a big step. It needn’t be scary, if you choose to save up to 70% on rental costs by leasing coworking offices. Our experts have compiled 7 excellent ways to rent a coworking office space in India, exactly as you need!

How to Rent Coworking Office Space in India Without Hassles

7 Ways to Rent a Coworking Office Space in India

What are the coworking mistakes one must avoid when trying to rent coworking office space in India? Why do people offer a free trial before signing up for a coworking office? Explore all your doubts about how to lease shared office space in India!

1.      Explore Available Types of Offices to Rent in India  

The first step to choose a viable office space in India is by making a list of options you have. You have a wide variety of options from study rooms, shared desks, dedicated desks and even virtual offices, when you choose coworking office space in India. It can cut costs and save huge amounts by the end of the day!

2.      Make an Assessment of the Atmosphere at the Office you Choose in India

Many entrepreneurs end up switching their office space options owing to the right or wrong ambiance at the office. If you’re not looking for networking, choose an office where coworkers respect the privacy of one another!

3.      Re-Check the Hidden Costs + Taxes

Inquire about all the additional costs before renting your shared desk in India. Depending on regional laws or GST, each office will have its own restrictions and rules. You must ask your CA to crosscheck the documents to ensure you’re paying for exactly what you use.

4.      Cross-Check the Free Amenities Provided Vs Those you Need

Almost all coworking offices provide a wide range of freebies for coworkers. You don’t need to furnish a coworking office as you’re provided everything you need from furniture to stable internet connection. This way, you pay for nothing but, what you use. Hence, check the complete list of freebies available beforehand!

5.      What is the Termination Clause in the Coworking Agreement

Before renting your office space in India, it is important to check the clause that explains termination. Otherwise, you might get expelled from the office for trying to safeguard your work.  To avoid sudden mishaps, ensure that the HR has clarified the termination clause and the coworking agreement.

6.      Take a Note of the Coworking Etiquettes

Coworking offices in India have different types of conduct policy. Unless you know every coworking conduct policy by heart, there are high chances you might get terminated. Hence, get a copy of the etiquettes because it will help you become a professional, in the long run too!

7.      Ask for a custom Quote

Almost all coworking offices provide special packages. So, don’t hesitate to list out your needs explicitly to request a custom deal or price for your officing needs. Unlike a traditional office, coworking office space in India will give you the best quote!

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7 Ways to Rent a Coworking Office Space in India2

Do you have more doubts about ways to rent a coworking office space in India? Our experts can help you out! Get started RIGHT AWAY with a comment.


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