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Why Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

Why Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore did not become the IT Hub of India in a fortnight. It was the brainchild of countless entrepreneurs and their efforts before the dawn of 21st century. If you’re wondering why Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, read the exciting facts from India’s techy past!

How Bangalore became the Silicon Valley of India

Did you know Bengaluru was the first city in Asia to get Electricity in the early 20th century? Stunned with Silicon Valley of India facts?

When Bangalore was chosen as the centre of ISRO, HAL, BHEL and similar defense as well as technological centres, it was natural the city caught onto the viral advancements in science. This was towards the end of the 20th century but many things propelled Bengaluru to become the Silicon Valley of India. Read on and we will keep you hooked!

·         Ideal Silicon Plateau

 Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

As Bengaluru is located on the Mysore Plateau, it was considered an ideal hub to unite the information centres of India since the late 1800s. Lord Curzon set start to the Research University in Bangalore because the climate was ideal for exploration.

With the turn of the millennium, Bangalore became the IT capital and Silicon Valley of India.

·         History of Progress

 Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

Before called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore was named the Electronic City of India, by its founder, R.K Baliga, the MD of Keonics Karnataka Electronics.  It was built on 335 acres bought on the outskirts of the city, picked for its low property rates and taxes. Now, it is the Silicon Valley of India with an industrial park.

When Indian economy was liberalized in the early 90s, there was no stopping the Electronic City. It evolved into the International Tech Park with 1 lakh IT professionals headed by IT Moguls like HP, Infosys and Wipro as of today.

·         Ready for Growth  

 Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

According to Balaji Viswanathan, a former resident of Bangalore and CEO of Invento Robotics, it was in 1893 that Swami Vivekananda pointed Jamsetji Tata towards education and setting up of Tata Institutes. It made Tata the networking Mogul just a few decades later. Moreover, it was under the reign of the great philanthropist and saintly king Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV that the Electronic City could even realize.

·         Central Connectivity

 Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

Do you know how India connects with the world? Through four main places including Chennai, Cochin, Tuticorin and Mumbai. It is the spine of the networking of a country, all across the globe. The central station for all these cities was chosen as Bengaluru based on the geographical connectivity.

Eventually, IT giants pooled into Bangalore because no matter where networking suffered glitches in India, Bangalore was 24×7 safe to connect to anywhere on the globe!

The Expert Says …

Why Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India

With Karnataka adding 20% to India’s electronic equipment manufacturer, Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley, undoubtedly. It was not a play of chance, but a cleverly orchestrated effort from many entrepreneurs all around the country a few centuries ago.

Moreover, Bangalore is the silicon valley of India because you can always find ways to start your office in Bangalore. The laws are promising and the city is the core of India’s IT web!

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