8 SHOCKING yet FREE Services in Shared Offices in India

June 5, 2023
8 SHOCKING yet FREE Services in Shared Offices in India

Shared offices in India are designed to cut costs. The same is why, most of the coworking spaces for rent in the country comes with goodies. FREE Services in Shared Offices in India offers tons of exclusive deals that our experts will discuss today. Read on!

8 STUNNING FREE Services in Shared Offices in India

A chair or desk is not enough to start working. Explore the FREE Services in Shared Offices in India of your choice.


Summer kills, undoubtedly. If you want a good office space to rent in India, you must get one with AC. As most offices in Indian cities are equipped with air-conditioning, that shouldn’t be a problem!


Are there food joints, cafeteria or at least a fridge in the office you’re renting in Bangalore? It is important if you’re a small business in India with a handful of staff that work underneath you. Besides Swiggy, you will always find free beverage here.


Sit and get a feel of the chairs at the coworking space because you don’t want to kill your creativity because of back pain. So check the chairs when checking the place out. Chairs that support you than the other way ‘round is something you must look for.


Is there a garden or lounge area in the office space you’re aspiring to rent? Relaxation space with bean bags and inspiring quotes are not fancy, but aesthetics of offices.

Most office sharing spaces in India even comes with meditation rooms to help you feel excellent while at work. Lookout for unconventional artworks in offices to judge the recreational options they offer.

5.      COFFEE/ TEA

Which is your poison? Be it coffee from the South of India or the Tea from the East of India, most offices provide free top quality coffee or tea as freebie. You will find creamy coffee all day without stopping at these offices. When you do a trial, check the facilities including beverage of your choice at the office.


An exclusive facility where the office leasing agent handles all your postal work. You will find postal facilities at these offices which you will end paying separately at a traditional office than a coworking space. Ask specifically on your first day whether mailing services are a feature of the office you’re renting.


Akin to postal facilities, if you want a receptionist, but do not want to train or recruit separately, you can avail call handling services from the leasing agents. Most office space rentals in India offer call handling services tuned to your needs. Forget about paying for a receptionist when you choose shared offices in Bangalore!


From hosting events to meetings and conference calls, you need many gadgets to run an office smoothly in India. The best way is to book an office rental with event space or rooms with LCD or video conferencing facilities.

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