Coffee Shop Working or Coworking Offices in India

June 5, 2023
Coffee Shop Working or Coworking Offices in India

Coffee shop working is outdated. Today, if you want peaceful and awesome workspace in cities, coworking office in India are to pick. They offer much more than a coffee and at times, a free coffee too!

All About Coffee Shop Working


Why is coffee shop working better than coworking? Is it good to go to a coffee shop just to get a corner to sit and work?

Advantages of Coffee Shop Working

·         Choice of Workspace

When you’re in a coffee shop, you’re another customer for the shop. Hence, you can choose your space unlike a booked corner in the office.

·         Slurp on a Coffee while you Work

What’s better than coffee at work? Get your delicious coffee and keep the barista running for more while you work. Isn’t that great?

Disadvantages of Coffee Shop Working

·         No Guarantee of Space

You will never get to pick your sweet corner as in a restaurant you can’t reserve seats forever. There are time constraints.

·         Lack of Hot Desks

The restaurant is designed for the customers. It does not have ergonomic chairs built for laptop working or whiteboard designing.

·         Lack of Facilities you Need

You will not get a printer, laptop rental, ISDN or even call handling service at a coffee shop.

·         Wrong Type of People

You are always surrounded by people who eat and drink. This is not the right crowd for an entrepreneur who is not thinking about plunging into the food business of India.

·         Closed without notifying you

You will never get to choose the timings you like to work, at a coffee shop. It closes at the right time!

All About Coworking Offices in India


Why are coworking offices in India thriving just like its international counterparts?

Advantages of Coworking Offices in India

·         Best Exposure to Professionals

When you’re at a coworking office space, young enthusiastic professionals who are innovative, surround you. That offers room for growth and collaboration like no other office space.

·         Complete Freedom at Work

You get to choose your hours, desk and even personalized call handling or get a business address. Offering 100% freedom for work is centripetal to great work. Get all your work done by choosing an inspiring coworking office in India.

·         Workspace just for you

You can get flexidesks to cabins designed exclusively for your staff or clients. Coffee shop will not offer you the VIP treatment you can get at coworking in India.

·         Pay nothing for the Coffee!

What’s better than FREE Coffee at work? Right!

Disadvantages of Coworking Offices in India

·         Pricier than a Coffee

A coworking office requires more than a bunch of chairs. So, it does cost more than a coffee but offers tonnes of freebies and goodies with it. You get more than what you pay for coworking in India than at a coffee parlor.

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